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Grade 7

Obviously I’ve been great at blogging this school year…

I just realized I never actually gave an update when I was done planning the year. But if you click on “resources grade 7” at the top of the page you’ll see how I have our weekly folders set up. Below is our homeschooling wall/checklist… before we had things checked off. I could take a new picture, but I’m not going to.

The school year so far has been up and down. Steven is not overly excited about it, but understands it’s important. I try to make it fun, but he generally just wants to get the work done… but at the same time, he often doesn’t want to do anything independently. I worry he’s maybe a little too dependent on me being available to help. I do make sure he is doing the work, and I’m not guiding him through it every time. Usually I’m just kind of here as moral support after the first couple questions. But often it’s a struggle to get through it. Still, most “weeks” can be completed in a day or two, so we’re getting through it on my days off.

I am still glad we made the decision to continue homeschooling this year. Predictably, there is currently another lockdown, and schools have gone online again. First they said they’d start school a couple days later, now they’re saying 2 weeks online, but I suspect it will be longer. As much as homeschooling can sometimes be a struggle, online was impossible, and Steven does not do well with constant changes and not knowing what’s going to happen from one week to the next.

Hopefully everyone reading this had a fun and safe holiday,


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