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Looking forward to next year…

I was too busy, or maybe too overwhelmed, the last few months to keep updating here. I have a tendency to make projects for myself. If I don’t have enough to do I get restless, I get ideas, I start all the ideas, and the next thing you know I have too much!

And that’s why it’s almost August and I’m just now starting to seriously look at planning homeschool for grade 7. I looked at the curriculum a few months back and took some notes and searched up some links to add to those notes. And then I kept saying “I need to do that sometime” until I realized it was almost August and panicked a little bit.

We decided back in March or April that we would continue to homeschool for another year. Public school is, predictably, still a bit uncertain. Most people are vaccinated now, and covid numbers are down, but that doesn’t mean they won’t go back up. Vaccinated people can still get it and transmit it, there are new strains that the vaccine wasn’t designed for, and at the moment only people 12 and up can be vaccinated. As usual, though, we left it up to Steven. He decided that he doesn’t feel safe going to public places until he’s vaccinated. His birthday is in September, so he will probably be able to get his first vaccine in October. But if we’re homeschooling first semester, there’s no point in sending him back for the 2nd. There’s no way to know what would be covered in each semester, so he would end up missing some things and covering other things twice (and that would really frustrate him – he already hates having to review things each year).

We’re doing things a bit differently this year. I’m (hopefully) going to have everything planned out ahead of time, instead of doing it last minute most weekends. There will be a folder for each week, with instructions and worksheets and QR codes he can scan with his various devices to get to resources on the internet. He’ll be able to choose which one to work on each week, and it will be up to him to get it done throughout the week. If he doesn’t, we’ll get it done on the weekend. But the idea is to not get frustrated trying to convince him to do work every day and to have him take some responsibility.

I don’t know how much I’ll be posting here. But I’m going to try and share what’s in the folders in the new grade 7 page.

Stay safe!


Just another parent stumbling through the ridiculousness that is 2020. I'm lucky to be able to work full time from home, which gives me a bit more time to figure out this homeschooling thing. I started this blog mostly as a personal journal, but I hope it might help some other parents out <3

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