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We started on the flight unit this week. My work schedule right now isn’t very good time-wise for in-person teaching, so I assigned Steven some independent work this week.

I started the week with a Bill Nye video and a worksheet to complete while watching it. Fun fact: Flight is Season 1, Episode 1 of “Bill Nye: The Science Guy”. Another fact: I can’t read “Bill Nye: The Science Guy” in any voice other than the one in the intro to the show.

We then continued with this packet of flight worksheets that I downloaded in a bundle with the science ones we used earlier in the school year.


… is president. Finally. Inauguration day actually went relatively smoothly, and I really enjoyed watching it when I could. The virtual concert was pretty awesome. Sometimes I think the need to go virtual this year has in some ways made humans closer.

Bernie’s Mittens go viral

I just had to… this is internet history.


Just another parent stumbling through the ridiculousness that is 2020. I'm lucky to be able to work full time from home, which gives me a bit more time to figure out this homeschooling thing. I started this blog mostly as a personal journal, but I hope it might help some other parents out <3

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