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Sometime last month we got so focused on NaNoWriMo that I stopped posting here. And this month it’s been a struggle to get back into the school routine with all the Christmas excitement going on. Binky, our elf on the shelf, is back, and shopping is a whole different hassle this year (we are not going to any malls or even most stores – we’re in a red zone now), and my work is busy, and I’m trying so hard to get some school work done with Steven before his chosen Christmas Break starts December 21. I might do a couple more short posts for Yule and Christmas but I mostly won’t be posting until the new year.


Steven finished his NaNoWriMo novel at a whopping 42151 words! Not quite the goal, but still winning as far as I’m concerned. So he got his Baskin Robins order that he had requested as a prize, and the t-shirt I had secretly ordered for him.

I had originally planned some easy (I thought) geometry for this month, knowing we would both be a bit burnt out. Steven found it intimidating, though, and I was happy to move on to something else for now rather than fight about it. So instead we’ve been doing some Financial Literacy work in the form of planning (and possibly doing) a business. We’ve been using the Kidpreneurs workbook for this unit. It’s currently only available as an online course and a printable book. I just sent it off to Staples to print and Steven and I have been working through it.

Elf on the Shelf

A week before December 1, our elf received a package. I don’t remember giving him permission to ship here. But I guess I can’t get too upset. This package was massive! Steven spent all week trying to figure out what it was. When Binky finally arrived, he brought matching masks for himself and Steven, which was cool.

He opened the package and has spent most of the last couple of weeks building this laser-cut house he apparently ordered. He has also raided my fabric scraps to make himself bedding! I know Steven likes him, so I’ve tried not to seem too upset.

Advent Calendar

Last year I set up this advent calendar with random dollar store stuff. I kept the bags and set it up almost the same this year, except instead of random toys I took one block building set (like lego or megablocks) and split up the instructions and the pieces into individual bags.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


Just another parent stumbling through the ridiculousness that is 2020. I'm lucky to be able to work full time from home, which gives me a bit more time to figure out this homeschooling thing. I started this blog mostly as a personal journal, but I hope it might help some other parents out <3

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