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Week 3 – randomly generated math worksheets

Steven finished reading “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies last week, so I purposely didn’t assign time-consuming work at the beginning of this week so he could work on an after-reading assignment. He made a comic strip of a part of the book. Maybe not his best work, but he did do some sketches before doing the final copy. Next time I’ll give him more direction before he starts.

Steven’s comic based on “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies

The next book he’s reading is the latest “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights” book by Scott Cawthon. Number 5 just came out, and he’s a little obsessed. But the 6th one won’t be out until December I think, so hopefully he’ll have time to read a couple different books before then.

This week’s assignments:

Monday – Current Events
Tuesday – Mental Math – Percentage of a Number, Comparing Fractions, Greater Than Less Than Fractions and Decimals
Wednesday – Adding and Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators
Thursday – Rounding Rules, Rounding Decimals worksheets, Percent of a Number worksheets
Friday – Shopping Spree!

This week was a lot of math worksheets. I used for most of them. I really like their generators for math practice sheets. You can choose the settings you want, and every time you click the button to generate a sheet you’ll get a different one, with an answer key. They have lots of good math lessons on the site too. Another site like this is, but their site isn’t as well designed. I usually only go there if I can’t find what I want elsewhere.

I also made my own Shopping Spree worksheets for this week. These involve “shopping” at a store online and rolling dice to determine if the item is on sale and the percentage to take off, calculating the price with the percentage off and adding all the items together. The goal is to spend close to $1000 without going over. There are a few questions at the end too.

Steven was really struggling with the whole “percent of a number” thing this week. He did ok with whole numbers but tended to get confused when there was a decimal. I tried to sit down and work through it with him on Thursday, but we were both getting upset, and when that happens there just isn’t much learning happening. I finally decided we’d go over it again next week when I have more time and had him start on some of the science reading comprehension I had planned for next week.

Steven’s birthday is next week, so I’m not sure how much schooling will happen. We usually let him have his birthday off, which is Wednesday, and he has earned a day off that he is choosing to use to take the Thursday off as well. I’m planning on going over the percent of a number worksheets with him again and assigning the shopping spree assignment too. I’m also working on some multiplying and dividing fractions worksheets using recipes that he wants to make for his birthday. The worksheets won’t take him long, so most of that day will probably be spent baking.

Hope everyone had an awesome week! Stay safe!


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