Gesture drawing 1

Yesterday I talked about a website with all sorts of drawing tools. The site is Figure & Gesture Drawing and it has these awesome tools where you can say what kind of models you want and what time interval you want them to change at, and then it just shows you a whole bunch of pictures of models for you to draw. There’s even a class setting, where it starts with 30 second intervals and then gives you longer intervals. The longer classes even incorporate breaks. The site also has a quick tutorial on how to do gesture drawings (which was a great refresher for me) and fairly active forums, where you can find all sorts of information as well as get critiqued on your work.

gesture drawing 1

Today I started out trying to do 30 second intervals for 5 minutes… but I’m really rusty, so I barely got anything down in 30 seconds. So I switched to 60 second intervals… and I still didn’t get a whole lot of information down. You can see that some of the drawings are missing an arm or a leg. Overall, though, I think it’s a good start.

Starting… again

So, I used to draw all the time. I took all sorts of art classes at the Ottawa School of Art. As a pre-teen, I took an adult watercolor class because I had already taken all of the classes aimed at kids. I carried a sketch book with me everywhere for years. I took all the art classes in high school, every design class too, and then had drawing classes in college. I could actually draw pretty well at one point, if I do say so myself. But about 4 years ago, I stopped drawing. I stopped carrying my sketchbook because I never used it anyways and it was making me carry a bigger bag than necessary. I’d occasionally look at something and think that it was a good composition, but never had the will to pick up a pencil.



Today while scrolling through Facebook (which I do way too often) I found a post about drawing or animation or something… ok, so I don’t remember the original post. But in the comments was a link to a site full of drawing exercises. The kinds of exercises I used to do in classes. Which kind of brought me back… so I shared the site, knowing that some people on my friends list might find it useful, and moved on.

But then, while getting my son and niece ready to go to the park, I suddenly remembered that I had seen a nearly empty sketchbook somewhere and randomly decided to take it with me. And then I drew a tree. It’s not a very good tree, but it’s a drawing… and it’s been a long time since I’ve drawn something because I wanted to, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed just sketching whatever was in front of me.

So I decided I want to get back into drawing. I looked at that website again, and I figure the least I can do is 5 minutes of gesture drawing every day to try and get my skills back. Plus I can start actually carrying a sketchbook again, and who knows what might end up in it. I created this blog so I could track my progress, so in a few months (when I’ll probably still not be amazing) I can scroll back and hopefully see some kind of improvement to encourage me to keep going.

Any compliments, comments or critique are welcome and appreciated. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good or bad in your own work.