steven 011116Today I asked my son Steven (6 years old) to be my model. I told him to strike a pose and count to 30, but as much as he tried to stay still he was always in a totally different pose by the end, lol! It made it really difficult to draw the poses, but we had fun doing it.

Afterwards, he wanted to try doing gesture drawings. So I gave him a quick tutorial and then showed him some pictures on http://artists.pixelovely.com and let him try it out. I think he did pretty good for a first try. I asked him why everyone looks sad, and he pointed at the pictures of the models and said “See? They’re all frowning!”


Happy New Year!

Welcome to my drawing blog/resolution tracker/progress tracker… thing.

So, I used to draw all the time. I took all sorts of art classes at the Ottawa School of Art as a kid. As a pre-teen, I took an adult watercolor class there because I had already taken all of the classes aimed at kids. I carried a sketch book with me everywhere for years. I took all the art classes in high school, every design class too, and then had drawing classes in college. I could actually draw pretty well at one point (maybe I’ll dig it out at some point and post it here). But about 5 years ago, I stopped drawing. I stopped carrying my sketchbook because I never used it anyways and it was making me carry a bigger bag than necessary. I’d occasionally look at something and think that it was a good composition, but never had the will to pick up a pencil.

Pretty goal calendar

Pretty goal calendar

A month or so ago, while scrolling through Facebook (which I do way too much of) I found a post about drawing or animation or something… I don’t remember the original post. But in the comments was a link to a site full of drawing exercises. The kinds of exercises I used to do in classes. Which kind of brought me back… so I shared the site, knowing that some people on my friends list might find it useful, and moved on. But then later that day I suddenly decided to pick up a sketch book and test out the site.

I’ve used the site a few times since then, and drawn a few other things, and when I realized New Years was on the way, I thought maybe “Draw every day” would be a good goal. I’m sure I can at least find 5 minutes to do some gesture drawings, even on my busiest days, and I can start carrying a sketchbook again and drawing whatever’s around when I have time. That used to be one of my favourite things to do when I was on break at work or waiting at the bus stop or whatever.

I created a pretty goal calendar which is hanging in my hallway to remind me to keep up with this goal and a few others, and I created this blog so that in a few months (when I’ll probably still not be amazing) I can scroll back and hopefully see some kind of improvement to encourage me to keep going.

Any compliments, comments or critique are welcome and appreciated.