Resources Grade 6

These resource pages will be added to throughout the year. I am working on separating them into multiple pages to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. A lot of the resources listed are free, some of them have a fee, most in USD.

Grade 6 Resources by subject

General and multi-subject

Ontario Elementary School Curriculum Checklists (Grades 1-8)
This is where we started. We printed the curriculum for grade 5 and then went through each thing with Steven to see if he was familiar with it and see what we still needed to cover.

Letter of intent to homeschool template in Ontario, you’re required to send this to your school board every year if your child was previously enrolled in school and you are homeschooling.

Educational videos on a variety of subjects, with free lesson plans.

Ways to use Lego in the classroom
If your kid is like mine, there’s a huge tub of lego somewhere in your house. These are some great ideas for using it to teach a bunch of different subjects.

Teaching Students How to Study
Free printable with study strategies. Steven put them in his binder, but they could be coloured and put up on a wall somewhere too as a reminder.

Teachers Pay Teachers
You’ll find a lot of the links below are to various specific resources on this site. Lots of high quality paid and free resources. You do need to make an account to download.

Dungeons and Dragons
Probably best for older kids (Steven’s been playing since he was 8 or so). This link will take you to the basic rules for the role playing game. There are so many resources available online now, it’s possible to play without much of an investment, but I highly recommend getting the books if this is something you intend to play frequently. It’s great for teaching Language Arts and Math and other subjects, I’m sure, but it’s also a great way to stay connected with friends during this time. Set up your phone/tablet/laptop and facetime or skype each other to play.

Hero Kids
This is my favourite tabletop roleplaying system for kids. It’s fun for all ages, but simple enough for younger kids, and comes with fun cartoon game pieces that can be printed and coloured. As with Dungeons and Dragons, there are a lot of pre-made adventures, but you can also easily write your own. There is a small cost (they deserve it for all the hard work that’s been put into this).


Classic French Tales
This book is available for free until August 15, 2020. It’s an audiobook and a pdf (you can use it with the app or not) of some classic fairy tales. The audio is nice and slow and well enunciated. The text is in both French and English. We’ve been going paragraph by paragraph, following with the French, then reading the English, then re-reading the French on our own and then picking out a few words to ensure comprehension between the two.

French verbs ĂȘtre, avoir, faire, and aller – present tense

French Board Game Template – Snails and Ladders (Snakes and Ladders)
Free game board. There are french cards you can buy from the same shop, or you can create your own.

Mon dictionnaire francais
Blank pages to fill in with your own vocabulary. I printed 2 to a page, back to back, so that it could be folded into a little book.

French Phrase Placemat

French Color the Beginning Sound worksheets ($2)

French Hear the Sound worksheets ($2.50)


Virtual Piano
Something we’re using to start music theory until we order a keyboard. If you create an account, you can learn to play some popular songs in a way similar to rockband.

Music Fundamentals Workbook
It’s been a long time since I did any music theory, but this seems like a good workbook to get Steven started and let me review. I don’t expect us to get through it this year, but I hope he’ll keep going with piano or another instrument.

Free Sheet Music
From the same site I got the workbook from. The “Selected Tunes for Young Learners” looks like a good place to start.

Composition worksheets for recorder
We won’t be learning recorder, but these look like good sheets to practice writing sheet music anyways.

Social Studies


Free art history resources
You might need to sign up for the newsletter to get access, I’m not sure. Lots of kid friendly art history printouts and projects. They also have a shop where you can buy more.

Language Arts

Suggested Reading List
This is the list I put together to add to Steven’s grade 6 reading duo-tang. It’s designed to be printed on both sides of the page. It does have some text pertaining specifically to our learning plan, but still has lots of good book ideas.

Project Gutenberg
I use this all the time myself, I can’t believe I didn’t think of using it for homeschool last year. It’s amazing. They’ve taken over 60,000 books, mostly ones with expired copyrights, and digitized them for everyone to download and read for free. There are some books that are so old and rare that I wouldn’t even know they existed, never mind having the chance to read them, if it wasn’t for Project Gutenberg!

Visual Reading Log (with different genres)
This is the one we’re using this year, Steven and I both like the layout.

Reading Tracker (also with different genres)
This looks more like what you normally get at schoool.

Books I’ve Read This Year
This is a worksheet to quickly rate each book read throughout the year, which I’ll be adding to Steven’s reading book behind his reading log. It also has a worksheet to reflect on the year of reading, which I plan to give him at the end of the year.

Pre-Reading Task Cards

List of Character Traits

Book Report Student Choice Board
Some creative ideas for book reports.

Reading Response Choice Board
Lots more ideas than the previous one.

Paper Bag Book Report

Quote Journal

Book Report Package
This is a good intro to traditional book reports, breaking down the information that should be included. It also has lots of space for drawing.

The Book vs The Movie worksheets

Book Review Posters
These are meant to be shared in a classroom to encourage others to read, but they’re still a fun activity for at home.

Amazon Listing Book Review
A worksheet to make an Amazon listing for the book and review it.

Character Analysis Brochure
A worksheet to create a brochure about a character from a book.

Character Trait List

Homophones worksheets

Reading Strategies Mystery Picture Worksheets
These are maybe a bit too easy for grade 6, but will serve as a good review at the beginning of the year at least.

Learning to write a summary
Meant more for older grades I think, but I plan on using it.

Satire Overview (reading comprehension)

Survival Stories Context Clues Worksheets ($10, freebie here)

Solar System Reading Comprehension Activities ($32 bundle, or $5/planet)
I’m going to be using this to start on Science this year, but it’s technically a Language activity. There are a couple freebies (Fun Facts, Mars/Neptune/Uranus) that you can download without buying the bundle, but I think the bundle is worth it.

Online Safety Reading Comprehension
This freebie is a great way to remind kids about online safety and/or start a conversation about it, while working on reading comprehension.

Oral Presentation Rubric ($1)

Figurative Language Sticky Notes Sorting Activity ($7)
My plan is to post the headings on the wall somewhere and then have him stick the examples up on the wall in the correct places.


Kids Health
This site is a great resource for kids and parents. It has some easy to understand explanations of the body and its systems, some mental health stuff and some cute animated videos too.

Electricity Circuits Series of worksheets ($6.99, freebie here)
This is another one that looks well worth the price. But the freebie has some good info and an experiment to get you started. The powerpoint has good information but the visuals are a little wonky. The info is all repeated in the worksheets, which are really well done.

Biodiversity Project ($1)

Physical Education

The Yoga Collective ($30/year)
Not specifically made for kids, but I already had a subscription so I just went back to the beginner lessons and had Steven do them with me. For younger kids, you might want to look for something made for kids.

YouTube Cardio videos:
Family Fun Cardio Workout
Kids Circuit Workout


Basic Hygeine Reading and Questions