Quarantine day 102

This was supposed to be a day 100 post… but somehow even in quarantine time is elusive, lol. I know I haven’t really been posting. Work is exhausting and family time is precious, and I just haven’t found the will or the time.

So, Steven dropped the homeschool thing pretty fast. He stuck with the assignments being sent from school for quite a while, but the last few weeks were difficult. We’ll have to see what September looks like. If we continue homeschooling it will be with a much different schedule. Only an hour a day or so most likely. There isn’t actually that much material to cover, it just takes longer to cover it in a traditional school setting.

Steven’s also been doing the odd outschool class (that’s a referral link that will give us each a $20 credit 😉 ). The ones he chooses aren’t always the most educational, but they let him hang out with some kids for a while, which can’t be a bad thing. So far he’s done a pokemon drawing class, a Dungeons and Dragons escape room and one that taught him to make his own escape room for Father’s Day, which resulted in a fun time for all of us.

We’ve continued to do our usually monthly Dungeons and Dragons games, but now they’re bi-weekly over video chat. It’s kind of funny because it’s just us three and one of our friends, so we all have to go to separate spaces to avoid getting an echo, but it’s nice to hang out and play for a while. Steven’s actually been doing a lot of one-shots. As much as I love our main game (and am kind of wondering if we’ll ever finish it at this rate), I have absolutely no problem with him spending his free time planning DnD games instead of playing Roblox all day.

We’ve started treating ourselves with delivered food a bit more often. We can’t afford to do it too often, and it’s always a bit of an ordeal (clean the table, put the dishes down, transfer the food to the dishes without touching the dishes, throw out the garbage, wash the table again, wash my hands every time I need to touch a dish after touching the bags the food came in…) but it really lifts our spirits, even if it is just McDonalds. For my birthday last month though we ordered from Fionn MacCool’s, and it was sooo good. We even ordered some beer and cider! Apparently you can do that now. You do need to show ID at the door for the alcohol, but the delivery agent let me show it through the door.

What else? Oh! With my birthday money I got a compact elliptical (among other things, like squirrel proof bird feeders and a cast iron pan). I’ve been using it to play Zombies Run! without going out. I’ve really been wanting to get active again, and I know it’s technically safe to go for walks and such, but I’ve been watching the people in my neighbourhood being less and less careful with social distancing, and other people are just unpredictable, so I’d rather just stay home. So I set the elliptical up in front of the TV and play a virtual scenery video from youtube and put on my music and my game and… well, it’s not the same as being outside, but it’s still fun and exercise and at least there’s an air conditioner. Normally I get up super early to go running before it gets hot, but now I can do it any time.

Yesterday, I was going to take a day off. Actually, the day before I had mentioned that I was sore from the elliptical and should do yoga, but when I woke up I decided to do nothing. But then Steven was like “I was thinking, if you’re going to do yoga, I’ll do it with you”, and I couldn’t turn that offer down. I really like working out with him, and it’s hard to get him to do anything resembling exercise.

Yesterday was also Canada Day! Usually we go down to the water here in Barrie and enjoy the festivities, but obviously not this year. Instead, we played some board games and watched a movie and enjoyed a roast.

Also, my stamps finally came in the mail, so now I can send out some happy mail! I probably won’t have time to work on that until the weekend, but I’m excited. I also updated our sad little sticky note that I had placed on the door asking people to leave deliveries there. I should have done that a long time ago. The colouring page is free here, I just added my own text in photoshop, and the same teacher has a lot of other cute colouring pages.

Anyways, I think that’s all for now. I’m hopefully going to get back to updating this more often… but we’ll see. I’ve missed a bunch of random stuff I should have posted about for the sake of memories, so I’ll put that together in some future posts.

Stay safe!


Luckily, Doug Ford declared the Easter Bunny an essential service earlier this month. Steven is hoping he’ll do the same for Santa in December. I’m hoping he won’t have to. But the way this thing is going, he might.

I was hoping for an outdoor egg hunt this year, but there’s a huge storm on the way. We had snow on Good Friday and now a storm Easter Sunday and Monday. People are saying it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying “stay indoors”. Hopefully people are.

Regardless, Steven had fun finding all the treats the Easter Bunny had left for him. He even found some kinder eggs in the egg carton in the fridge and a chocolate rabbit in the bread box.

There was also this huge “smashers” egg left out on the table that had a whole bunch of messy activities in it, through which he found a bunch of bones to build a dinosaur skeleton toy.

And he got a big Miraculous Ladybug Kinder Surprise egg. Steven and I love that show, we watch it together whenever there are new episodes. We had already collected all the toys from the little kinder eggs over the past year or so, but never found the larger ones in the store. He requested I ask his aunt to find more if she can, “because if the Easter Bunny found them maybe they’re in stock now”.

We’re going to have another video chat family dinner tonight. This time we’ll use Steven’s laptop. Hopefully, it will work better than the tablet. And Steven requested peanut butter pasta tonight, so that’s what I’ll be making. Not a traditional Easter dinner, but that’s alright. It will be nice to see everyone at least.

Happy Easter! Stay Safe!

I guess I should stop numbering the days…

This blogging thing might become weekly. Or whenever I feel like it. Work is exhausting, even at home. But it’s nice to see my family on my breaks.

Steven did most of the rest of the social studies unit we had started on Wednesday. I think he’s trying to finish it so he can have Wednesdays off. It’s not a bad idea to have a day off in the middle of the week, really. He did the math work from school yesterday and today. He could have finished it in a day, but apparently he thought he needed to do it in order, and one of the tasks said “talk to someone about math”, so instead of talking to one of us about it he went “my friends aren’t online, so I can’t talk to them about math, guess I better quit and play Roblox”. Hopefully that won’t happen next week.

After finishing the math today, we watched the video that had been assigned for Music (“Beethoven lives upstairs”) while decorating paper Easter eggs to put up in the windows. There was a post on a local Facebook group about putting up eggs so kids walking with their parents can still do an “egg hunt” this weekend even though all the usual ones at the parks and such are cancelled.

Now we’re working on finishing up our birds we started a few weeks ago. I don’t think they’ll be done today, we’ve had some technical difficulties. The model magic can be painted pretty easily, but it’s a little fragile. So Steven’s bird lost a wing and we’re waiting for the glue to dry.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Easter weekend!