I’m Lauren. I’m a wife, mother, jeweller, general crafter… I’ve taught myself just about every craft out there. Except the really useful ones. Knitting, sewing, crocheting… they’ve always been on my “learn one day” list. I’ve done a little bit of loom knitting and a little bit of hand sewing. I can repair stuffed bears. They’re not always pretty afterwards, but my son doesn’t seem to care.

But I’m a tall woman. Broad shouldered, D boobs, wide in the hip (size 14-16 depending how often I’ve been outside recently) but with a relatively small waist and I’ve got some pretty amazing leg muscles if I do say so myself… the fashion industry doesn’t seem to like me much. I’m lucky if I can find anything in my size at the mall in the bright, bold patterns I like – and even if I can get it on my body, sometimes it doesn’t look right. Cap sleeves are often like weird sleeveless shirts, tunics are shirts, dresses are tunics, leggings and jeans rarely make it past my thighs and anything with buttons won’t do up properly. Somehow it took me until the age of 27 to figure out the obvious solution to this: make my own clothes.

So this year, that’s my mission. I’m going to learn how to knit and how to sew and whatever other skills I can find that will let me make the things I’ve always wanted to wear. There will be colourful hand-dyed yarns, probably from alpacas (I’m a little obsessed) and gorgeous brightly printed fabrics and patterns that I can use to make things fit me perfectly… I’m excited.

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